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  1. The 15-Day Challenge: Putting All the Pieces of Daily Life in a PLC at Work® Together Workshop

    Cedar Falls, Iowa |  December 3–4, 2024

    Presenters: Maria Nielsen

    Maria Nielsen helps teams see the big picture of a PLC and put it all together in a recurring cycle of collective inquiry. The 15-day challenge is a practical way to bring the PLC process to life.


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  2. Leading PLCs at Work® Districtwide Workshop

    Austin, Texas |  December 5–6, 2024

    Presenters: Janel Keating

    Ensure your school district is doing the right work, the right way, for the right reasons. In this highly interactive workshop, Janel Keating will demonstrate how to align the work of every PLC team districtwide—from the boardroom to the classroom.


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  3. Collaborative Common Assessments Workshop

    Cedar Falls, Iowa |  December 5–6, 2024

    Presenters: Cassandra Erkens

    Gain tools and protocols for designing quality assessments that enable teams to collect meaningful data and respond appropriately with interventions and enrichments.


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  4. The Way Forward: Maximizing Your PLC at Work® Process

    Naperville, Illinois |  December 5–6, 2024

    Presenters: Anthony Muhammad

    The impact of Covid-19 will have a long-lasting effect on every facet of our society. Very few institutions were more disrupted than schools. The pandemic affected staffing, funding, morale, and the continuity of student learning. Participants explore the history of the field of education and examine why the tenants of the PLC at Work process were important before the global pandemic and why they are even more important after the pandemic. This is not the time to back away from the PLC at Work process; this is the time to reinforce its foundation.


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  5. Behavior Solutions: A Practical Road Map for Behavior Success in All Tiers Workshop

    Neosho, Missouri |  January 20–21, 2025

    Fostering positive behavior by utilizing the PLC at Work® and RTI at Work™ processes will boost your school’s positive school culture, increase attendance, improve behavior, prepare students for life, and address inequities in school discipline. This workshop is designed to create a practical road map for meeting the needs of the whole child.


    Seats available