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  1. Leadership NOW Summit

    Leadership NOW Summit

    Las Vegas, Nevada  |  November 13–15, 2017

    Presenters: Douglas Reeves, Rebecca DuFour, Cassandra Erkens, Anthony Muhammad, Justin Baeder, Brandon Jones, Regina Stephens Owens

    Bring your team of new and experienced leaders to give them top-to-bottom training on everything they need to know to deepen the impact of their leadership.


    Seats available

  2. Grading: A Guide to Effective Practice

    Grading: A Guide to Effective Practice

    Presenters: Kristine Nielsen, Douglas Reeves

    Ensure that your grading systems are accurate, fair, specific, and timely. Learn processes for evaluating your current grading system, discussing contentious grading issues with colleagues, and engaging all stakeholders in the feedback and grading process.

    Starting at: USD$286.00

    35–50 Contact Hours

  3. The Annual Conference on Assessment & Grading

    The Annual Conference on Assessment & Grading

    Phoenix, Arizona  |  October 16–18, 2017

    Presenters: Thomas R. Guskey, Douglas Reeves, Tom Schimmer, Kim Bailey, Cassandra Erkens, William M. Ferriter, Chris Jakicic, Robert J. Marzano, Sarah Schuhl

    Strengthen your approach to assessment and grading to ensure every student, regardless of background, is college and career ready.


    Seats available

  4. On Common Ground

    On Common Ground

    The Power of Professional Learning Communities

    Edited by: Richard DuFour, Robert Eaker, Rebecca DuFour

    Contributors: Roland Barth, Rebecca DuFour, Richard DuFour, Robert Eaker, Barbara Eason-Watkins, Michael Fullan, Lawrence W. Lezotte, Douglas Reeves, Jonathon Saphier, Mike Schmoker, Dennis Sparks, Rick Stiggins

    Examine a colorful cross section of educators experiences with PLCs. This collection of insights from practitioners throughout North America highlights the benefits of PLCs.



  5. Ahead of the Curve

    Ahead of the Curve

    The Power of Assessment to Transform Teaching and Learning

    Edited by: Douglas Reeves

    Contributors: Larry Ainsworth, Lisa Almeida, Anne Davies, Richard DuFour, Linda Gregg, Thomas R. Guskey, Robert J. Marzano, Ken O'Connor, Douglas Reeves, Rick Stiggins, Stephen White, Dylan Wiliam

    Leaders in education contribute their perspectives on effective assessment design and implementation, sending out a call for redirecting assessment to improve student achievement and inform instruction.



  6. Change Wars

    Change Wars

    Edited by: Andy Hargreaves, Michael Fullan

    Contributors: Sir Michael Barber, Linda Darling-Hammond, Richard Elmore, Michael Fullan, Andy Hargreaves, Jonathan Jansen, Ben Levin, Pedro Noguera, Douglas Reeves, Andreas Schleicher, Dennis Shirley, James Spillane, Marc Tucker

    What can organizations do to create profound, enduring changes? International experts prove successful change can be a realistic goal and then explore constructive alternatives to traditional change strategies.

    Regular Price: USD$37.95

    Special Price USD$10.00


  7. 21st Century Skills

    21st Century Skills

    Rethinking How Students Learn

    Edited by: James A. Bellanca, Ron Brandt

    Contributors: John Barell, Linda Darling-Hammond, Chris Dede, Rebecca DuFour, Richard DuFour, Douglas Fisher, Robin J. Fogarty, Nancy Frey, Howard Gardner, Andy Hargreaves, David W. Johnson, Roger T. Johnson, Ken Kay, Cheryl Lemke, Jay McTighe, Alan November, Bob Pearlman, Brian M. Pete, Douglas Reeves, Will Richardson, Elliott Seif

    Education luminaries reveal why 21st century skills are necessary, which skills are most important, and how to help schools include them in curriculum and instruction.



  8. Elements of Grading

    Elements of Grading

    A Guide to Effective Practice

    By: Douglas Reeves

    Learn several strategies for improving grading practices, while examining the common arguments against reform. The book includes examples, case studies, and opportunities for reflection.

    Regular Price: USD$29.95

    Special Price USD$22.46


  9. Leadership and Learning

    Leadership and Learning

    Sustainable Changes for 21st Century Learning

    By: Douglas Reeves

    Dr. Reeves suggests three fundamental shifts in assessment that must take place to achieve 21st century learning.



  10. Common Core Mathematics in a PLC at Work™, Leader's Guide

    Common Core Mathematics in a PLC at Work™, Leader's Guide

    Edited by: Timothy D. Kanold

    Contributors: Timothy D. Kanold, Matthew R. Larson

    Foreword by: Douglas Reeves

    This leader guide illustrates how to sustain successful team implementation of the Common Core State Standards for mathematics.

    Regular Price: USD$29.95

    Special Price USD$14.98


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