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  1. Power Engage

    Seven Power Moves for Building Strong Relationships to Increase Engagement With Students and Parents

    This book sounds an urgent alarm for educators to increase student, family, and community engagement in learning. Coach Carlos Johnson’s framework for performance-based relationships offers a valuable guide to motivating unmotivated students and deepening the investment of all stakeholders in effective classroom instruction.



  2. The Antiracist School Leader

    What to Know, Say, and Do

    Learn how to plan, test, and execute a comprehensive antiracist vision to transform the culture, curriculum, and conscience of your district and school administration. This book will challenge and empower you to partner with school staff and the community to tackle issues of systemic oppression that have impacted teaching and learning.



  3. Be the Driving Force

    Leading Your School on the Road to Equity

    Be the Driving Force is a powerful resource because it is personal, reliable, and practical,” writes educator and author William D. Parker. Principals will discover insightful guidance on building self-confidence, leading with integrity, and ensuring equity in education and culturally responsive practices.



  4. Coaching Competitive Sports

    How to Develop and Assess Player Knowledge, Skills, and Intangibles

    Sports play a big part in the lives of many youths. With this book, coaches can assist student athletes in becoming better in their sport. This resource also aids athletic directors in mitigating player-coach-parent issues and helps parents better understand the expectations for their children’s sports experiences.