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Beyond the Common Core

A Handbook for Mathematics in a PLC at Work™, Grades 6–8

Edited by: Timothy D. Kanold

By: Jessica Kanold-McIntyre, Matthew R. Larson, Diane J. Briars

Learn 10 high-leverage actions your collaborative team should take before, during, and immediately following a unit of grades 6–8 mathematics instruction.

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Beyond the Common Core

Focus your curriculum to heighten student achievement. Learn 10 high-leverage team actions for grades 68 mathematics instruction and assessment. Discover the actions your team should take before a unit of instruction begins, as well as the actions and formative assessments that should occur during instruction. Examine how to most effectively reflect on assessment results, and prepare for the next unit of instruction.

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  • Identify and cultivate the elements of mathematics instruction and assessment that yield the greatest impact on student learning.
  • Increase student learning through 10 steps known as high-leverage team actions for mathematics instruction and assessment.
  • Understand teacher actions that develop student understanding and skill for lower- and higher-cognitive-demand mathematical tasks every day, every lesson, every unit, every year.
  • Access reproducibles and appendices to gain instructional strategies aligned with your states standards.

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Product Code: BKF627

ISBN: 9781936763481

Published By: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Page Count: 224

“This book is a very valuable tool for individual teachers and the collaborative teams they are working so hard to further develop. The chapters beautifully align and offer a very strong guideline for the planning and implementation process for mathematics instruction and assessment.”

Pamela Richards, teacher on special assignment, secondary mathematics & science, Visalia Unified School District, California

“This book is a significant addition to the PLC at Work™ library—a Learning by Doing for mathematics. The power of the Common Core does not reside in the actual standards, but in how these rigorous learning outcomes impact classroom instruction and student learning. Kanold, Kanold-McIntyre, Larson, and Briars describe with specificity and simplicity the essential work teacher teams must do before, during, and after a unit of study to ensure every student succeeds. I only wish this book was available when I taught middle-school mathematics!”

Mike Mattos, educational author and consultant

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