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Adventure Education for the Classroom Community

Over 90 Activities for Developing Character, Responsibility, and the Courage to Achieve

By: Laurie S. Frank, Ambrose Panico

Engaging activities encourage your students to create a classroom community that supports character development, academic excellence, and individual and social responsibility.

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Adventure Education for the Classroom Community

Empower your students instead of coercing them through punishments and external rewards. Engaged by the activities in this character education curriculum, students will choose responsible behavior. Help your students master communication skills, create plans, make decisions, solve problems, and resolve conflicts. Your efforts will build classroom communities that support character development, individual and social responsibility, and academic excellence.

  • Teach students how to get to know, trust, and respect their classmates and others.
  • Form a caring classroom community that supports academic excellence.
  • Prepare students with the soft skills that are required for every walk of life.
  • Recognize common group dynamics to better facilitate student learning.
  • Learn how classroom community meetings offer long-term benefits for both you and your students.

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Product Code: BKF565

ISBN: 9781936765966

Page Count: 400

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