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Cultural Literacy for the Common Core

Six Steps to Powerful, Practical Instruction for All Learners

By: Bonnie M. Davis

Foreword by: Mary Kim Schreck

Discover a six-step framework for becoming culturally literate that complements the Common Core and encourages students to be at the center of learning.

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Cultural Literacy for the Common Core

Build your cultural literacy while inspiring deep, thoughtful, unbiased thinking in students. Discover a six-step framework for becoming culturally literate that complements the Common Core and encourages students to be at the center of learning. Explore how to develop teacher-student relationships, engage in collaborative conversations, and encourage feedback to give voice to the increasingly diverse student body found in todays classrooms.

2014 Foreword Book of the Year Finalist

  • Motivate students to take renewed ownership of their learning.
  • Stimulate creative thinking with culturally responsive instruction.
  • Cultivate reflective dialogue through diverse lesson materials.
  • Harness technology to connect to other learners in other geographic locations.
  • Break down cultural barriers, and support a classroom community poised for learning.

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Product Code: BKF592

ISBN: 9781936764402

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 224

Cultural Literacy for the Common Core helps wrap the Common Core in a blanket of cultural insight and divergence that will help teachers begin to awaken the desire of all students to join the community of learners that will shape the future.”

Mary Kim Schreck, author and educational consultant

“What an outstanding and comprehensive resource! I couldn’t put it down. Bonnie M. Davis masterfully examines the issues involved in cultural literacy. An incredibly useful resource for educators as we transition to the Common Core.”

Ava Maria Whittemore, minority achievement coordinator, Yuma Frederick County Public Schools, Maryland

“This book is an outstanding resource that all educators must have as they continue their search for knowledge about the students they teach and how best to teach them.”

Sue McAdamis, adjunct professor for adult learning and professional development, Maryville University, Missouri

“In a time when terms like culture and culturally relevant have become cliché, Bonnie M. Davis brings meaning and authenticity to this important topic with her six-step framework. This book makes important connections between what we know is necessary for student success, such as the use of high-yield strategies, with what we often don’t focus on, making sure instruction is culturally relevant. Unfortunately, the significance of culture with initiatives like the Common Core is not often recognized, which makes Cultural Literacy for the Common Core all the more important and a must-read for teachers, principals, and district leaders.”

Sharroky Hollie, cofounder of the culture and language academy of success and assistant professor of teacher education, California State University, California

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