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Thinking About Thinking in IB Schools

How We Know What We Know

By: Robin J. Fogarty, Brian M. Pete

Foreword by: Cynthia A. Price

Employ the rigorous curriculum of International Baccalaureate schools to teach students to actively think, critique, create, and question. Foster student engagement with teaching strategies that inspire deep thoughts and metacognitive self-reflection.

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A teaching strategies guide for rigorous curriculum in International Baccalaureate schools

Cultivate classrooms where students actively think, critique, create, and question. With Thinking about Thinking in IB Schools, educators will discover how to employ the rich and rigorous curriculum of International Baccalaureate schools to develop these essential qualities in students. Each chapter opens with a driving question, dives into a specific skill, and offers concrete strategies for engaging students in deep thinking.

  • Study the Theory of Knowledge and its driving question: How do we know what we know?
  • Explore the International Baccalaureate school curriculum as a framework for the book.
  • Identify the higher-order-thinking processes that characterize reflective, proficient learners.
  • Discover the seven “think links” that tie together metacognitive attributes and behaviors.
  • Encounter research and real-life examples that support and illustrate the importance of each metacognitive think link.
  • Learn specific teaching strategies for enhancing student learning through self-reflection.

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Product Code: BKB009

ISBN: 9781951075378

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 128

“One of the most effective ways to increase students’ academic performance is to explicitly teach them metacognitive skills. We term this process ‘teaching students to drive their brains.’ In this excellent book, Fogarty and Pete share a thoughtful, practical, and comprehensive approach to teaching students to think about their thinking in the specific context of the International Baccalaureate.”

Marcus Conyers, coauthor of Teaching Students to Drive Their Brains and Developing Growth Mindsets

“Robin Fogarty and Brian Pete have written a succinct and powerful case for how to elevate thinking skills through the International Baccalaureate program. As our world rapidly changes, our students need more than the basic content and technical skills that schools have traditionally taught. Fogarty and Pete show how through IB and an intentional focus on cognition, we can cultivate the critical thinking and problem-solving skills our students need to face those changes.”

Jeff Heyck-Williams, director of curriculum and instruction, Two Rivers Public Charter School, Washington, DC