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Five Big Ideas

Leading Total Instructional Alignment

By: Lisa Carter

Focus on these foundational ideas to simplify decision making, eliminate distractions, and intensify efforts to promote effective teaching and learning.

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Five Big Ideas

In this sequel to Total Instructional Alignment, the author peels back complex layers of the change process to reveal the five big ideas at the core of successful schools. Focus on these foundational ideas to simplify decision making and eliminate distractions from your efforts to promote effective teaching and learning. Teachers and administrators alike will appreciate this straightforward approach to solid leadership for school improvement.

  • Make the overwhelming, complex work of school improvement understandable and achievable.
  • Create a clear path for action through commonsense thinking and foundational research.
  • Dive deeper into the principles and practices defined in Total Instructional Alignment to transform your school into a powerful teaching and learning organization.
  • Bring about meaningful change in your schools and school systems by creating conditions to support these ideas and implement them effectively.
  • Study a concise overview of the three interconnected steps of the Total Instructional Alignment process: (1) alignment of the system, (2) alignment of standards, curriculum, and assessment, and (3) alignment of instructional practices in the classroom.

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