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The Power of Unstoppable Momentum

Key Drivers to Revolutionize Your District

By: Michael Fullan, Mark A. Edwards

Explore a simple but powerful process for integrating technology, pedagogy, and deep learning that leads to lasting change.

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The Power of Unstoppable Momentum

Your school district can revolutionize its culture to improve student learning. This book details a simple but powerful process for integrating technology, pedagogy, and deep learning that leads to lasting change. Included are real examples of districts, including Mooresville Graded School District—a lowly funded, 50 percent poverty school district in North Carolina—that attained pedagogically driven, digitally accelerated success.

  • Study how to form a strong cultural foundation that fosters student growth.
  • Examine why human capital, social capital, and decisional capital are essential for sustaining deep learning.
  • Discover the new thinking and actions that must underpin the use of technology in order to achieve the goal of improved learning for all students.
  • Study eight core lessons from Mooresville Graded School District’s (MGSD) journey that are essential to effective cultural change efforts.
  • Survey encouraging cases of lasting, deep whole-system change from MGSD and six districts that learned from MGSD’s example.

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Product Code: BKF701

ISBN: 9781942496557

Published By: Solution Tree

“Educational leaders looking for inspiration and proof that success at scale is possible will find this book to be a tremendous resource. Fullan and Edwards demonstrate that unstoppable momentum is possible, and needed, in school systems everywhere. They also remind us that none of us can do this work alone—we must learn with, and from, one another if we want to create the truly equitable school systems our students deserve.”

Susan Enfield, superintendent, Highline Public Schools, Washington

“Fullan and Edwards nail it—culture trumps strategy every time. They understand that transformational change requires new ways of thinking and doing that leverages ubiquitous leadership around a shared vision focused on personalized learning. In The Power of Unstoppable Momentum, Fullan and Edwards deconstruct these change forces and spotlight emerging district models that harness these to take mass customization to scale. The flywheel is turning!”

Steven Webb, superintendent, Vancouver Public Schools, Washington

“Fullan and Edwards have delivered a text for educators who desire an expanded understanding of district reform. It will be added to my ‘gift list’ for my circle of educational leaders who are either currently part of the revolution or ready to sign up.”

“Putting tablets in students’ hands doesn’t necessarily transform the way they learn. The digital transition is becoming a reality across the United States because superintendents, principals, and teachers are increasingly creating best practices and successful models of dynamic e-learning environments. Why? Because that’s what students need to be successful. The Power of Unstoppable Momentum unpacks some of the must-haves to integrate a positive change climate in our schools and communities as we work to make lasting digital conversions.”

Daniel A. Domenech, executive director, AASA, The School Superintendents Association