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  1. The Global School

    The Global School

    Connecting Classrooms and Students Around the World

    By: William Kist

    Wrapped in a 21st century skills framework, this book offers specific steps to globalize your classroom and strategies to encourage higher-order thinking.

    Regular Price: USD$29.95

    Special Price: USD$5.00


  2. How to Interview, Hire, & Retain High-Quality New Teachers

    How to Interview, Hire, & Retain High-Quality New Teachers

    By: John C. Daresh, Bridget N. Daresh

    The key to student success starts in the classroom. Learn effective processes for hiring faculty who best fit the needs of individual schools.

    Regular Price: USD$24.95

    Special Price: USD$5.00


  3. The Last Frontier

    The Last Frontier

    Tackling the Grading Dilemma

    By: Ken O'Connor

    Ken outlines eight fundamental grading guidelines to create a standards-based grading system that is meaningful, consistent, and supportive of learning.

    Regular Price: USD$195.00

    Special Price: USD$97.50


  4. A Leader's Companion

    A Leader's Companion

    Inspiration for Professional Learning Communities at Work™

    By: Robert Eaker, Rebecca DuFour, Richard DuFour

    Treat yourself to daily moments of reflection with inspirational quotes collected from a decade of work by renowned PLC experts.



  5. Leading a Learning Organization

    Leading a Learning Organization

    The Science of Working With Others

    By: Casey Reason

    Learn research-based strategies for changing the prevailing emotional climate or tone of a school to promote deeper learning at all levels.

    Regular Price: USD$29.95

    Special Price: USD$5.00


  6. Leading the New Literacies

    Leading the New Literacies

    Edited by: Heidi Hayes Jacobs

    Contributors: Nitasha Chaudhuri, Michael Fisher, Madeleine Maceda Heide, Ann Ward Johnson, Shabbi Luthra, Jane McGee, Fiona Reynolds, Bill Sheskey, Jeanne Tribuzzi, Brandon L. Wiley

    Integrate teaching practices that incorporate digital, media, and global-based learning with traditional learning to prepare students to succeed in a competitive world.

    Regular Price: USD$34.95

    Special Price: USD$17.48


  7. Literacy 2.0

    Literacy 2.0

    Reading and Writing in 21st Century Classrooms

    By: Nancy Frey, Douglas Fisher, Alex Gonzalez

    This book offers specific teaching strategies for developing students skills related to acquiring, producing, and sharing information.



  8. Literacy Look-Fors

    Literacy Look-Fors

    An Observation Protocol to Guide K–6 Classroom Walkthroughs

    By: Elaine K. McEwan-Adkins

    Understand and identify the look-fors that provide evidence of effective literacy instruction, and bring all students to grade level or well above.



  9. Make School Meaningful—And Fun!

    Make School Meaningful—And Fun!

    By: Roger C. Schank

    Explore new curricula criteria, encourage students to pursue their passions, and consider changes that can make school fun, realistic, and relevant.

    Regular Price: USD$17.95

    Special Price: USD$13.46


  10. Making Homework Matter

    Making Homework Matter

    By: Cassandra Erkens

    Understand the value of student mistakes, the importance of formative assessment, and the critical effect of student involvement in setting and achieving learning targets.

    Regular Price: USD$195.00

    Special Price: USD$97.50


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